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Royal Fix, LLC; Retail Shopping Center Construction Company in Northeast Missouri

Hello, we are owners Aaron & Russ from Royal Fix, LLC. In the heart of Hannibal, we’ve built a reputation as the reliable and trusted commercial & retail construction company.

With over 52 years of combined experience under our belts, we’ve become experts in creating impressive retail shopping centers that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but also practical and efficient. In addition, our dedication to delivering unmatched quality and exceptional customer service remains unmatched in Northeast Missouri.

Why Choose Royal Fix for Your Retail Outlet Construction Project?

Choosing the right construction partner for your retail project is crucial to its success. It is key to partner up with a contractor that sees your vision and comprehends how to bring it to life. 

At Royal Fix, our crews of professionals know what it takes to ensure the end retail store is exactly what you envisioned.

We offer a comprehensive range of retail construction services and have had the pleasure of building various retail spaces, from bustling shopping malls to convenient strip malls and high-end boutique stores to everyday grocery stores. With a clear focus on quality and timely delivery, we ensure your project is completed on schedule and within budget.

Interested in making your retail construction dreams a reality? Dial 573-795-0313 to speak to Aaron or Russ about your project today.

Our Retail Outlet General Contractor Services

Strip Malls

Strip malls, a common type of retail development (an example would be the Huck Finn Shopping Center in Hannibal), are ideal for offering a variety of services in one convenient location.

We’ve constructed numerous strip malls uniquely designed to suit the local community. Our strip mall constructions consider factors like ease of access, visibility, parking, and future growth. A well-planned design and outside or inside layout would be key points, ensuring that each retail unit receives ample customer attention and traffic.

Outlets or Discount Stores

In the era of savvy shopping, outlets, and discount stores are highly popular. We specialize in building these cost-effective shopping destinations, keeping in mind factors like customer flow, efficient space usage, and attractive display areas. From standalone buildings to multi-store complexes, we provide functional and appealing outlet constructions that keep customers coming back.

 Shopping Malls

The shopping mall is an iconic part of American retail culture. These large-scale projects require a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of multifaceted space utilization. We’ve been privileged to construct several shopping malls designed to provide an enjoyable shopping and recreational experience. We pay special attention to natural lighting, easy navigation, comfort, safety, and aesthetics.

Do you have an eye for a new shopping mall location in Northeast Mo? Call us at 573-795-0313 to turn that vision into a reality.

Grocery Stores/Supermarkets

A well-designed grocery store or supermarket can significantly enhance the shopping experience. We have a strong track record in constructing user-friendly grocery stores that optimize the layout for a smooth customer flow. Whether it’s just a small neighborhood grocery store or a large supermarket, we understand the unique requirements of grocery store construction, such as specialized storage and refrigeration, easy-to-navigate aisles, and efficient checkout areas. Aldi’s, County Market, and Hy-Vee are some major Grocery Stores here around Hannibal, Macon, and Kirksville.

Convenience Stores

In today’s fast-paced world, the convenience store is an essential retail outlet. Although typically smaller in size, a well-designed convenience store requires strategic planning to maximize space while maintaining easy navigation for quick in-and-out shopping. At Royal Fix, we ensure your convenience store gas station construction meets these specific needs while still providing an appealing shopping environment.

Sometimes we miss the ole Skelly Gas Station on the Northwest side of Hannibal, though! A true piece of Americana Gas Station History.

Boutique Shops

When it comes to boutique shops, it’s all about creating a unique and personalized shopping experience. We understand the importance of reflecting your brand’s identity in the store’s design and layout. 

Our design & construction crew focuses on creating an inviting atmosphere that showcases your products beautifully, making every customer feel special as soon as they walk through your door.

Planning to open a new boutique shop? Get in touch with Aaron or Russ at 573-795-0313 today.

Final Thoughts

At Royal Fix, we believe in more than just construction – we believe in building dreams right here in the Hannibal Area. We understand the significant role that a well-constructed retail outlet plays in the success of your business venture. That’s why we put our heart and soul into every project we undertake.

From the first consult to the last walkthrough, we’re committed to providing you with a seamless and enjoyable construction experience. So, whether you’re planning to build a shopping mall, a boutique shop, or any other retail outlet, we’re just a call away. 

Let’s create something amazing together. Contact Aaron or Russ at 573-795-0313 to discuss your retail construction project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retail Construction

What are some points to consider when building a retail outlet?

The primary points to consider when building a retail outlet are the location, design, size, and layout. These elements significantly influence customer traffic and the overall shopping experience. It’s also crucial to consider the specific needs of the businesses that will occupy the space, such as their storage and display requirements.

How long can it typically take to complete a retail construction project in NEMO?

The timeline for a retail construction project depends on Midwest Weather, building size, complexity, and specific requirements. 

Small projects might take a few months, while larger ones could take over a year. At Royal Fix, we work closely with our clients to develop a realistic timeline that suits their goals and expectations.

How can I ensure my retail construction project stays within budget?

Working with an experienced contractor like Royal Fix, who provides transparent pricing and regular updates, is the key to keeping your project within budget. We help our potential clients make informed decisions and avoid unexpected costs, ensuring the project stays on track financially.