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Building Renovation Services in Hannibal, MO

Royal Fix, LLC is an experienced building renovation contractor in Hannibal, Mo. Updating and remodeling an old building property, whether historic, an office, or a warehouse, can be quite a large undertaking.

Russ and Aaron at Royal Fix have done some downtown Hannibal Renovations so we have the know-how and manpower to take on these beautiful works of structural art.

Historic Building Renovation

Historic buildings are true gems here in Marion & Ralls County, Missouri that tell tales of the distant past. Our job is to help these narratives continue while offering modern functionality. Our approach to historic renovations maintains the building's character while ensuring its operational and energy efficiency. In addition, we're skilled in sourcing materials that blend seamlessly with existing structures, bringing your vision to life without losing the essence of the building's original design. 

Reach out to us for a seamless restoration that honors the original builders while embracing the present. 

Call Aaron or Russ today at 573-795-0313 to discuss your historic building renovation project.

Office Renovation

A well-designed office can foster productivity, creativity, and overall employee satisfaction. So whether you plan to revamp an entire Hannibal office building or upgrade a few offices inside a Corporate building, our professional crew is ready to deliver your desired results. 

From installing modern fixtures to improving layouts for better workflow functionality, we're prepared to handle all aspects of your office renovation. 

Don't put off your office transformation any longer. Reach out to Aaron or Russ at 573-795-0313 to bring your dream workspace to life.

Warehouse Renovation

Warehouses demand a unique set of considerations when it comes to renovations. From safety regulations to spatial planning for optimum storage and operations, these projects can seem overwhelming. Luckily, our team is experienced in renovating warehouses to enhance functionality and safety. 

We incorporate modern construction techniques and top-grade materials to ensure the durability of our work. Need to revamp your warehouse? Call Aaron or Russ today at 573-795-0313 to discuss your warehouse renovation project.

Your Preferred Renovation Contractor in Hannibal, MO

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality renovations that meet our client's expectations and stand the test of time. Our extensive local experience in Northeast Missouri's remodeling & large-scale renovation projects, coupled with our dedication to customer satisfaction, makes us a leading building renovation contractor in Hannibal, MO. 

Don't let your renovation dreams stay, just dreams. Call Aaron or Russ today at 573-795-0313 to bring your vision to life.


Frequently Asked Questions about Building Renovation

How long does a building renovation take?

The timeline for a renovation project can depend on the project's structure and scope. We provide a extensively detailed timeline before starting work, and we strive to stick to it as closely as possible.

What is the cost of a building renovation?

Like timelines, renovation costs can vary based on the project's scale and specific requirements. After understanding your vision and needs, we provide a comprehensive estimate to help you plan.

How can I preserve the historic elements of my building during a renovation?

We have extensive experience in historic renovations and ensure the preservation of significant historic elements while introducing necessary modern upgrades. Our team is skilled in blending old and new for a seamless aesthetic.

What is involved in a historic building renovation?

A historic building renovation involves updating and restoring the structure while preserving and enhancing its original character. This can include repairing or replacing old fixtures, improving structural integrity, updating utilities, and adhering to historic preservation standards and guidelines.

Is renovating a historic building more expensive than a regular renovation?

The cost of a historic building renovation can be higher than the previous years due to the need for specialized labor, custom fixtures, and materials. However, tax credits and grants for preserving historic structures may offset some of these costs.

What challenges are commonly faced in historic building renovations?

Challenges can include:

  • Dealing with outdated construction methods and materials.
  • Ensuring the building meets current safety codes.
  • Preserving historical elements.
  • Finding skilled craftsmen who can restore the building to its original state while making necessary updates.

Can I modernize a historic building during the renovation?

Yes, many historic renovations aim to incorporate modern amenities while respecting the building's original design and aesthetic. This requires a delicate balance and often necessitates collaboration with architects and contractors who specialize in historic preservation.

Do I need any special permits for a historic building renovation?

Depending on your exact county location, you may need special permits for a historic building renovation. In many places, any changes to a designated historic property must be approved by a Hannibal area local or state historic preservation office to ensure they adhere to established standards and guidelines.

Call Aaron or Russ today at 573-795-0313 to bring your old downtown Hannibal Building To Life