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Hannibal General Contractor

About Royal Fix, LLC

As an experienced general construction contractor in Hannibal, Mo, we take immense pleasure in working collaboratively with you, crafting the ideal residential, commercial or retail outlet you've always envisioned, all within the constraints of your budget. 


Whether it's constructing a new home, renovating an existing building, constructing a shopping center, retail outlet or remodeling a house, we understand that it's a significant investment in your property. We eagerly anticipate turning your vision into reality. Our commitment includes keeping you informed and educated throughout the entire construction journey, accompanying you every step of the way.


Royal Fix, LLC, is a Northeast Missouri construction company, rich in experience and fueled by dedication, serving Hannibal, Mo, and the neighboring counties of Marion, Ralls, and Monroe. We consider ourselves fortunate to be both neighbors and friends within our beloved NEMO community. We deeply value the opportunity to contribute to our thriving historical area, striving to make a meaningful impact here in the Show Me State.  Let's join hands to shape a lasting legacy that will enrich Northeast Missouri for generations to come.

Give, Aaron Fix or Russ Myers a call if you would like to discuss your next construction or renovation project.


new strip mall construction in hannibal mo

Commercial Construction Contractor

Within our Hannibal commercial general contractor division, our expertise spans a broad spectrum, including new construction and building renovations, office structures, hospitality, multi-family residences, and apartments. We also specialize in land excavation, strip mall and shopping center development, senior living facilities, and nursing home construction. Our service offerings extend to parking lot installation and striping, TPO roofing, and a variety of commercial projects. These encompass commercial coatings, exterior and interior painting, and asphalt repair and patching services. We proudly serve the entire Northeast Missouri region, including St Louis, Columbia, Kirksville, and our home base, Hannibal.

If you're a project manager seeking competitive bids for your upcoming project, we invite you to reach out to Aaron Fix or Russ Myers at 573-795-0313. We are eager to partner with you and deliver excellence.

new shopping center construction near hannibal mo

Building Renovation

Royal Fix Building Renovation Company in Hannibal Mo

Renovation breathes new life into old buildings, enhancing their architectural appeal and functionality while preserving their unique character & history.

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Commercial Roofing

Royal Fix roofing contractor in Hannibal with workers on a flat roof

Our Commercial roofing division involves installing, repairing, and maintaining roofs on business structures, using materials designed to withstand heavy weather conditions in Northeast Missouri, and long-term wear. In addition, we do flat roofs using TPO or EPDM to pitched roofs with metal or asphalt shingles.

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Commercial Painting

commercial painter in hannibal painting the siding on a house in ralls county

Our Hannibal Painters provide professional-grade commercial paint jobs for Marion, Ralls & Monroe County businesses, covering interiors and exteriors of structures ranging from office buildings to retail malls. We use the highest-grade paint designed to withstand heavy foot traffic & NEMO weather conditions.

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Shopping Center Construction

commercial shopping center similar to huck finn in hannibal mo

Shopping center development & Retail Outlet Store construction involves the planning, design, and execution of building commercial retail spaces, considering factors like optimal store layout, customer foot traffic, parking, and accessibility. This complex process requires a high level of expertise to ensure a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and safety, ultimately creating a vibrant and welcoming retail outlet that attracts shoppers and meets the needs of tenants.

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Warehouse Construction

new warehouse construction in Marion county about 8 miles west of Hannibal mo near hwy 61 & 36 junction

As a General Contractor for warehouse construction, we are involved in designing and developing large-scale storage facilities, optimizing inventory space, ensuring efficient logistics flow, and incorporating features for worker safety and comfort. These projects require expert planning and execution to balance structural integrity, operational efficiency, and adaptability to various storage needs or technological advancements in warehouse management.

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Asphalt & Parking Lot Construction

asphalted chip and seal driveway near hannibal hospital

Asphalt paving and parking lot striping are essential services for creating well-organized, safe, and efficient parking areas. Our High-quality parking lot construction provides a durable surface for vehicles, while strategically placed striping ensures orderly parking, optimizes space usage and enhances safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.

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Commercial Coatings

commercial coatings contractor in hannibal mo dealing in synthetic stucco, dryvit, caulking, sealing and textured coatngs

Commercial coatings, including synthetic stucco, elastic, epoxy, and industrial marine coatings, provide a crucial layer of protection and aesthetic appeal to various surfaces in commercial settings. These specialized coatings not only improve the durability and resistance of structures to environmental conditions but also enhance their appearance, contributing to the overall maintenance and value of the property.

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Excavation & Paving

excavation services in hannibal mo with trackhoe

Commercial excavating and paving in Northeast Mo are foundational processes in our local construction industry. Skilled experience is  crucial for creating level and stable surfaces for roads, parking lots, and building foundations. These services, performed by Royal Fix, ensure the structural integrity and longevity of commercial infrastructure, while also providing a smooth, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

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Residential Construction Contractor

At our Hannibal residential contractor division, we offer extensive new home construction services to cater to all your home improvement needs. Our specialties encompass new roofing installation & repair, both interior and exterior painting, siding, and comprehensive home remodeling.

We have a particular focus on bathroom remodeling and kitchen renovations, ensuring these vital areas of your home meet the vision that you expect in a contractor. Additionally, we construct pole barns and do commercial & residential foundation repairs, ensuring the structural integrity of your property.

Our services extend beyond the physical structure of your home; we also offer expert plumbing and sewer solutions. With our workforce of experienced excavators, we ensure all preparatory & final groundwork is completed to the highest standards & county regulations.

For those miscellaneous honey-do tasks around the house that require professional attention, our Hannibal handyman services are at your disposal.

Big projects or just a simple small project, our residential contractor services are designed to enhance the comfort and value of your home, bringing the vision in your mind to reality.

As a residential home builder in Hannibal we keep more of a local footprint, basically building new homes in Marion, Ralls & Monroe Counties.

new home builders in hannibal constructing house
new spec home in hannibal sub-division off of hwy 61

New Home Contruction

new home contruction company in hannibal mo 63452

As a new home construction contractor in Hannibal, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and personalized design to bring your dream home to life. We we are dedicated to providing high-end quality construction, attention to detail, and a seamless building process from start to finish.

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Home Renovation

remodeling a kitchen in hannibal by Royal Fix contruction company

Home remodeling offers the opportunity to transform your existing house into a personalized dream space. Whether it's renovating kitchens, bathrooms, or expanding living areas, Royal Fix in Hannibal is committed to delivering high-quality craftsmanship and creating a home that reflects your style and meet your evolving needs.

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Kitchen & Bath Remodel

home renovation contractor hannibal remodeling a kitchen backsplash

Ready to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a stunning retreat? Our remodeling services are tailored to your unique taste, using innovative designs, top-notch materials, and meticulous attention to detail. From revitalizing your kitchen's layout to creating a tranquil haven in your bathroom, we're dedicated to exceeding your expectations and delivering a beautiful space that reflects your personal style.

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Looking To Build A New Home in Hannibal?

Aaron & Russ would love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee & discuss the vision you have for your new home. We can help you with design, construction, and estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you avoid saying to a general contractor?

As you are having preliminary conversations and looking for a general contractor, it's advisable to avoid making assumptions about their work, such as how it should be done or how long it should take.

Instead, openly communicate with the general contractor about your vision & expectations. At this time, you can ask for past project photos & references.

You can then fall back on the contractor's professional work experience & expertise to guide you thru the process.

Why do the charges of general contractors seem high?

Alright, you're curious why general contractors don't come cheap. Well, here's the thing. When you hire a high-quality contractor, you're not just paying for their time, but also their extensive know-how, management skills, and meticulous attention to those little un-seen pieces of the puzzle that can make or break a project.

They put in a lot of behind-the-scenes effort & time that you might not see, but trust me; you'll appreciate the results. Sure, it might seem a bit pricier, but in the long run, when it comes to the smooth execution of your project and the peace of mind you get, it's totally worth it.

What's the typical cost for general contractors in Hannibal, MO?

In Hannibal, MO, an affordable general contractor typically bill between $30 and $55 per man hour. However, the final expense may fluctuate based on what kind of project, and whether its an hourly rate or or a set bid amount for the job.

Is It a commercial project like a new office building construction, or a residential interior paint job? The variables are too many & unique to the construction project to list here.

To get a more precise estimate for your particular project, it's advised to request free quotes from local contractors. Reach out to Royal Fix  general contractor in Hannibal, MO for a complimentary cost bid.

Who is the famous person from Hannibal, Missouri?

Mark Twain, born as Samuel Clemens in 1835, is the famous individual and celebrated author from Hannibal, Missouri. He gained widespread recognition as an esteemed American author, renowned for his literary iconic classics like "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" & "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." Hannibal takes pride in its association with Twain, attracting admirers of his work from around the world.

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Need help? Have A Question about Your Next Contruction Project?

Do you have questions about your renovation, new home construction or commercial project? Maybe your just in the "thinking about it" stage?
Russ & Aaron at Royal Fix are here to help you with any questions, whether your just in the design stage or you know exactly what you want, we can help you overcome any concern or obstacle you may have.

Give us a call now. We would love to hear from you.